The following rules and new pieces of equipment are specific to this campaign.


Every Acean soldier is required to muster with a full legionary kit. Minimally, this means a shield, suit of heavy armor, Acean sword, and no fewer than three javelins. Each legionary is also required to begin a campaign with a bedroll, waterskin, and personal rations for no fewer than five days of marching. These expenses must be paid from the legionary’s starting wealth, but some additional equipment is provided without cost.

When operating independently in the field, the Legion provides each contubernium with a mule and an auxiliary servant. The mule carries an eight-person tent, enough food for five days of operation (35 rations, 5 feed), a water casket (7 gallons), a 100-foot hempen rope, a portable ram, and a set of blacksmithing tools. The animal’s total burden is 275 pounds, reducing its movement to 30.

The servant is usually indentured or otherwise obligated to work without pay. He tends the mule, erects and strikes camp for the contubernium, cooks for them, cleans and mends their gear, and performs other servant duties. When the contubernium is exploring or going into battle, the servant tries to stay well back from any danger. The servant wears padded armor and carries a shortsword. He is proficient with the Medicine skill and smith’s tools but has no military training.


As a simple way to meet muster requirements, a character can simply select a legionary pack. (The Acean Legionary Background lets a character take this pack in the place of another that was provided by her class.) This package weighs 50 lbs.

Legionary Pack (12 gp): Includes a backpack, bedroll, tinderbox, 5 torches, mess kit, 5 days rations, waterskin, signal whistle, shovel, 2 bags of caltrops, and a quiver with 3 javelins.


A legionary’s training includes use of the Acean sword, a short weapon whose blade broadens near the end before narrowing to a dramatic tip. The extra weight at the top of the blade is balanced by a large pommel on the handle. The unique shape allows the weapon to be used for broad, swinging hacks as well as close-quarter thrusting. A weapon in this shape uses the following numbers.

In a historical context, this weapon closely represents the gladius hispaniensis. Large and heavy, the gladius hispaniensis is the earliest and longest blade of the Roman gladii, with a more pronounced leaf-shape tip compared to later forms.

Martial Melee Weapon

Cost: 20 gp, Damage: 2d4 piercing, Weight: 3 lbs., Properties: Finesse

Additionally, each legionary starts with a magic version of this weapon:

“True” Acean Sword: (Weapon, uncommon, requires attunement. Only the Acean whose blood was used in the forging of a true Acean sword can attune it.) A true Acean sword counts as a magical weapon for the purpose of penetrating reductions or resistance to damage. It may also be employed as a spellcasting focus.

A “true” Acean sword, one of which is possessed by every legionary, is forged of the volcanic iron of the Great Mountain on High Acea. The beaten, molten blade is quenched in a trough of the legionary’s own blood, forever bonding blade and spirit. When a legionary falls in foreign lands, every effort is made to recover the sword. The blade is returned to the volcano in a solemn pilgrimage so that the metal and spirit may melt back into the motherland and be reborn in the blades of future legionaries. In this way, the heroes of Acea live forever.


The Acean crossbow is a technological marvel designed to be used in the Acean battle formation. Its stock resembles a standard crossbow except that instead of a horizontal bow (lath), it mounts two parallel bows vertically at either side of the stock. The strings attach to either side of a shuttle that propels the bolt along the top of the stock. This shape allows the Acean crossbow to be pointed out of the small gaps in a shield wall. A clip of 10 bolts attaches to the top of the stock, allowing the weapon to fire quickly in the hands of a trained user.

Martial Ranged Weapon

Cost: 150 gp, Damage: 1d8 piercing, Weight: 12 lbs., Properties: Ammunition (range 80/320), heavy, loading (sometimes), two-handed (sometimes)

The Acean crossbow is made to be braced against the side of a shield. Characters with the Formation Fighting feat can fire the weapon one-handed while in formation, using the front stirrup and a cocking lever to prime the weapon between shots. The weapon ignores its loading weapon property while it has an attached magazine containing additional rounds.

After ten shots, the magazine must be reloaded as an action or replaced as a bonus action. Without a magazine attached, the weapon can be loaded manually between each shot (the loading property will apply). Two hands are required to reload the weapon manually, or to reload or replace the magazine.

An Acean crossbow comes with two magazines, each of which weighs half a pound and can hold 10 bolts. Additional magazines can be purchased for 1 gp each.


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