Aceans believe in a host of minor gods, as well as a pantheon of major gods. Most Aceans give homage to each of the gods at different times in their lives. No Acean holds to a single deity, though almost every Acean has his or her favorite. Following are the major gods of Acea, each having a high temple in the capital city on High Acea.

Juno is the goddess of women and fertility. Her symbols are a pomegranate and a peacock.

Mars is the god of war, the strongest and most fearsome of the gods.

Venus is the goddess of love and beauty.

Minerva is the goddess of wisdom, learning, art crafts and industry. Her symbol is the owl.

Neptune is the powerful god of the sea. His symbol is the trident.

Ceres is the goddess of the harvest, always depicted carrying a bundle of grain.

Vulcan is the blacksmith of the gods and the god of the underworld. If he strokes the furnace too hard, volcanoes might erupt.

Diana is the goddess of hunting and a goddess of the moon.

Bacchus is the god of wine and partying. Naturally, he is one of Acea’s most popular gods.

Mercury is the messenger of the gods, the wings on his helmet and sandals allowed him to travel very quickly, to wherever another god might send him. He is the god of travelers and tradesmen.

Vesta is the goddess of the health and home. She is very important to Aceans. In her temple a flame is always kept burning, as the “hearth of Acea” the flame should never go out.

Among the minor gods, only Mithras is mentioned here by name. He has many followers in the legion and is often referred to as the soldiers’ god. Mithras is always depicted slaying a holy bull and giving life to the earth.

In addition, lares, the spirits of family or clan ancestors, are sacrificed to and worshiped as personal protectors. Many legionaries carry leather neck pouches holding small figurines that depict their lares. These containers are called lararium.

And finally, Aceans recognize no “adversary” gods or devils, but consider Fate to be a powerful force at work in the world, undermining stability and providing a nemesis to strive against.


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